We are part of the new generation of independent latin orchestras

Tromboranga is the pure essence of “Salsa Dura”. Tromboranga´s spicy ingredients are the trombones sound, solid and strong percussion, and they recover the essence of “soneos” (voice improvisation among the chorus).

With influences from the salsa music from the 60s and 70s, maintaining a raw, strong and a very danceable sound.



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Salsa pa' rato

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Tromboranga World Tour 2019

Concert dates

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Date Locations Country
13/01/2019 Amsterdam Salsa Fest Netherlands
25/01/2019 National Salsa Congress, Brasov Rumania
1/02/2019 Feb 1-4 Recording Sessions Spain
9/02/2019 Feb 9-13 Recording Session, San Juan Puerto Rico
02/03/2019 NEW ALBUM RELEASE Worldwide
04/03/2019 Playas Villamil, Ecuador
30/03/2019 30 Puebla de Alfinden, Zaragoza Spain
06/04/2019 Cuba Cafe, Paris France
20/04/2019 World Stars Salsa Fest, Varma Bulgary
30/04/2019 Junto a Andy Montañez, Barcelona Spain
01/05/2019 Junto a Andy Montañez, Madrid Spain
10/05/2019 Sala Tromborangua, Elche Spain
11/05/2019 Sala La República Valencia Spain
18/05/2019 Mallorca Spain
25/05/2019 Hamburg Germany
31/05/2019 Old Vic latin Marbella Spain
02/06/2019 Bilbao Spain
28/06/2019 Salón G y R, antes sociales Romo , CDMX Mexico
29/06/2019 Euroson Latino, Mexico Mexico
06/07/2019 Málaga Spain
14/07/2019 Double Special show & repertoire at Benidorm Salsa congress Spain
20/07/2019 Atlanta U.S.A.
21/07/19 Lobby, New Jersey U.S.A.
25/07/2019 Guayaquil Ecuador
24/08/2019 Pirineos salsa festival Spain
31/08/2019 Ibiza Spain
05/09/2019 Salsa Breeze festival Holland
06/09/2019 Festival Salsa DAX France
07/09/2019 with Jimmy Bosch Festival Salsa DAX France
13/09/2019 Fuerteventura Canary Islands Spain
21/09/2019 El crucero latino, Stockholm Sweeden
06/11/2019 The Lukas Awards @ London UK United Kingdom
15/11/2019 La Palmas de Gran Canaria Gran Canaria SPAIN
19/01/2020 Salsa congress Houston, TX U.S.A
02/02/2020 Amsterdam salsa festival, Amsterdam Holland
13/06/2020 Bangkok Thailand


phone (0034) 655411078